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  • Jenn Greacen

Y. asks "Why are people going hungry?"

Working with Shipt and Feeding America Food Banks, we developed the #Give1Get1 campaign and took it to the streets (and social media) during Hunger Action Month.

During the campaign, Shipt committed to matching all canned food item purchases from the Shipt app and donating the cans to local Feeding America food banks.

Following the announcement of our #Give1Get1 campaign, Shipt customers took to their smartphones and started ordering canned food items like it was going out of style.

Shipt customers purchased 16,000 canned food items during the campaign which means 16,000 canned food items were donated and helped those in need. This is just in one month.

A huge shout out to all of our activation volunteers who picked up and facilitated shipping/ delivery of this food. Without you this would would have been an impossibility.

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